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https://www.pillsbills.com/ PillsBills, is an industry administrator assuring innovative technology and support services to our patients and their prescribers across the nation. Controlling the increasing cost of specialty spend while improving patient care. We do this by providing our plan sponsors the actionable insight to better manage and support critical decisions that enable the control of the specialty medicines spend while adding value to their networks and improving the health of the patient population. Our commitment at PillsBills.com is to effectively control the total cost of specialty medicines through comprehensive patient-centric care and collaborative specialty plan design supported by leading-edge technology. Vision: Pillsbills.com, India's Specialty Pharmacy's vision is to be a recognized leader in providing the highest quality of customized compounded medications. Our innovation and flexibility in meeting the changing needs of our patients has enabled us to be the pharmacy of choice in the communities we serve. Goals: Our Internet chemist main goal is to continuously provide reliable, cutting edge resources dedicated to the development of specialized, custom medications that sets the standard for quality and innovation in our industry. Team: Our professionals are dedicated to the highest levels of excellence in the Industry to provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations.

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