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Posted By Loan on 22/08/2015
What makes GoClixy the best choice for you?

You do not need any technical expertise to setup a beautiful, revenue generating online directory. Settings are so simple that they will guide you through the setup process.

The “Claim a listing” feature lets users claim a listing on your site as their listing. When they claim a listing, they are prompted to pay for the listing just as if they created it themselves. You can enter very basic data and then prompt business owners to claim their listing so that they can take control of it and add the data that will be valuable to them. After claim, they can add photos, business hours, and other important information to their listing.

Create Free and Paid subscription packages, with more than 35 settings that encourage members to update plans with more features enabled.

Offers and coupons are great to drive business to a website. The admin can create offers or coupons with deadlines, discount percentage, maximum amount, number of uses etc. and the business owners can redeem right from the site while buying a subscription.

There is no need to hire a web developer as we have made everything easy and hassle-free to save your time. Listings have all the features - descriptions, photos, maps, video, categories, keywords, hours and more. The information is organized in a multi-tab layout where admin or site users can easily find the information they are looking for.

Add, update and delete business information with a perceptive interface, super easy to use, designed for administrators and users of the site. Images, Video, Products, Deals, Jobs & Properties, it is a one stop shop for businesses looking to establish their online presence.

We do hope that you will like GoClixy wide range of features and will decide to become our satisfied client.

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